Business Partner Spotlight: Lauren Jacobsen

Business Partner Spotlight: Lauren Jacobsen

This month, Pavilion Fine Arts is excited to highlight the contributions of Lauren Jacobsen Interior Design.

This boutique firm with nearly two decades of experience, crafts exquisite spaces tailored to clients' needs and desires. Based in Los Angeles, Lauren's collaborative approach prioritizes client input, resulting in interiors that exceed expectations. With a background in advertising and creative direction for The Walt Disney Company, she seamlessly merges business acumen with creative vision, delivering projects on time and within budget.

Lauren's design ethos revolves around texture, pattern, and color, creating timeless elegance in every project, whether it's a family home, executive retreat, or city pied-à-terre. Her keen attention to detail and ability to interpret clients' visions make her a trusted partner throughout the design process.

Clients return to Lauren Jacobsen Interior Design for her confident direction and collaborative spirit, resulting in homes that blend traditional charm with modern sophistication. With a focus on personalized service and exceeding expectations, Lauren Jacobsen Interior Design continues to redefine luxury living for its discerning clientele.

Learn how you can redefine your living space on their website.


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