Artist Selections

Artist Selections are exclusive smaller iterations of Jon's Limited Edition Collection images.

  • Easy Hang Gallery Wall

    The perfect gallery wall option for any room to add interest!

  • Lightweight & Moveable

    Small-format imagery that can be moved easily and freely without hassle.

  • Quality Artistry

    Own a signed image from Jon's highly sought after Limited Edition Collection artworks.

Why Choose Artist Selections?

Printed on giclée canvas, Artist Selections are 16 inches on the longest side for the chosen images aspect ratio with a choice of a 3/8" floating frame.

These small prints are an entry-level to your fine art photography collection or a great addition to an existing collection — search for the perfect image for your space today!

Artist Choice Prints are unnumbered and signed by the artist. Learn more about our other modes and mediums available for purchase.

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